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Showing Products 1-12 of 16 Result

Buy Antiviral Shirts Online at MCR Men's Clothing Store

Buy antiviral shirts online from MCR men’s clothing store as it’s the need of the hour. Seasons keep changing and every season has its share of needs.  But the need for this season is overwhelming. The pandemic is looming large and everybody is running for cover.  At MCR we contemplated on this challenge and came up with the solution which is the antiviral shirts for men.

This is an innovative product ushered in due to necessity. This specific fabric renders viruses such as coronavirus too ineffective. The “ credit of bringing this technology goes to N9 World Technologies, a subsidiary of Bengaluru Resil Chemicals, and consolidated Pathways Inc., USA.” The two firms collaborated to build a unique swiss antiviral and antimicrobial technology into sustainable cost-effective custom blends. At MCR we quickly adopted this technology and was fast enough to bring it to the use of needy customers.

 VIROBAN is a durable antiviral technology that brings hygiene to textile material making the fabric resilient against viruses. The technology works by creating a highly-cationic charge density on the textile’s surface, deactivating the spread of the virus and bacteria upon contact.  The technology is highly effective against these viruses and it has proven to make the viruses ineffective. This clothing will be an extra shield of protection to your body next to the mask.

Coronavirus spreads from a person through a dominant route of respiratory contamination. If an infected person wearing a shirt sneezes on his shirt, the shirt becomes a vehicle of transmission,  if another person touches the infected shirt shortly after that and then with the same hand touches his mouth, nose, or eyes; then the next person gets infected. But if the virus can’t survey on the shirt means it’s likely to break the transmission and limits the spreading of the disease. This is how the antiviral shirt works.

Buy antiviral shirts from mcrshopping. VIROBAN polymers are highly gentle on human skin. Which means, safely without compromising on quality and comfort.  This special antiviral shirt has been heralded as a functional product and it's an absolute need of this hour.  At this height of pandemic when customers are seeking protection and safety, we committed ourselves to use this technology for the shirt to protect the customers.

There have been so many functional products in the past, like wrinkle-free,  stretchable, and so on.  But unusual times call for unusual needs so we uphold our customers' safety and health concerns as the top priority.