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Showing Products 1-12 of 16 Result

Buy Antiviral Color Shirts Online at MCR Men's Clothing Store

The latest offering from MCR’s men's clothing store is the antiviral colour shirts for men.  This is distinct clothing because fashion and science have curated to combine knowledge and application to come up with antiviral coloured shirts for men infused with VIROBAN TM Technology. The design industry across the globe have used their collaborative scientific knowledge to develop clothing for the future.  The pandemic has driven innovations across sectors but for the clothing industry anti-viral, shirts have come as a saving grace to neutralise the effect of pathogens and microbes including coronaviruses the shirt.  This is one of the ground-breaking technology for the future born out of the necessity of the current difficult situation.  The pandemic has hastened the demand for such protective qualities

Shop for antiviral color shirts online at in the comfort of your home. Stock your wardrobe with Antiviral colour shirts as it’s the utmost need of the time.  The VIROBAN treatment doesn’t interfere with the texture of the fabric but resit and destroys the coronavirus instantly after contact.  The fabric remains breathable and soft, therefore remain friendly on the skin. The shirts are thoughtfully crafted to give a chique look.  The antiviral shirts come in various styles and fit with no limitation to the choice of colours

Fashion and the finery of clothing have undergone a sea change. Shirts are no more looked at as just a garment, it needs to be ‘stylish’ and ‘functional’ now. ‘Stylish’ to appeal to the persona of the individual to suit the specific occasion with the apt colour for the desired mood. Of course, need to relate to the season and the time of the event. ‘Functional’ need not stop wrinkle-free but need to be viruses free too.  All these without compromising on the comfort.  

Stay protected stay safe with antiviral shirts.  This much a sought-after shirt, and it’s also trendy and super cool.  The colours are elegant and vibrant.  Most suited for formal wear if it goes with a pair of trousers. Or can be matched with a pair of jeans for evening wear.  Buy antiviral colour shirts online with a click of the button to get the shirt delivered at home.  You will be amazed to see the quality when you touch it.  The shirt is a value for money.  Best of its kind with an uncompromised affirmation of distinction.