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Buy Antiviral White Shirts Online at MCR Men's Clothing Store

Difficult times need difficult interventions.  Shirts are once worn just as a garment by men has now been made to be more of a utilitarian product. We need clothes to work harder for us this season; that is the reason we at MCR have come up with antiviral white shirts for men by using advanced VIROBAN TM technology to protect the wearer from virus transmission. Buy antiviral white shirts online from any time and from anywhere.

White is flawless, white is pure and its sheer simplicity merits a dedicated space in your wardrobe.  Besides, there can be no better color to adorn a summer than a smart white shirt over jeans or shorts. The virtue of a white shirt is the quality.  But finding a perfect flawless white shirt is a task by itself.  The question that comes to anyone’s mind is what fabric the shirt should be made of? Of course, it has to be an antiviral shirt for this season.  Should the white shirt be worn crumpled? or should it be crisp and neatly ironed?  The apprehension most people have is; will it give a ward boy look? The hackneyed answer to all the questions from the connoisseurs of fashion is the crisp white shirt pairs well with everything. It goes well for formal corporate attire and it equally goes well with a casual nonchalant look. The white shirt also goes very well with anything even with a white dhoti. White antiviral shirt and white dhoti is a perfect traditional look for a socially accomplished and politically elated.  It’s just that you need to get molded or tuned to get the right look.

Be conscious of the fit the shirt should not be too loose or too tight.  Oversized collar hanging out give a clumsy appearance.  A very Tight white shirt will reveal too many of the body details.  But a perfect slim fit works best for a formal occasion whereas a regular fit lends a more casual look.

Buy an antiviral white shirt and protect yourself from the harm of viruses during this current situation.  VIROBAN Technology used in the antiviral white shirts inhibits viruses and pathogens to survive on the shirt.  The microbes get killed immediately after it gets in contact with the surface of the shirt. Leaving the transmission disrupted by breaking the chain of dissemination.  Every form of protection matters during this time of need.  Get yourself equipped and be protected with MCR antiviral white shirts.