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Buy Cotton Dhotis Online at MCR men's clothing store

Dhoti for men is the traditional attire of India. It’s worn differently in different states and it has itsunique name too.In Kerala it’s called ‘Kalli Mundu’, In Maharastra, it's ‘Dhotar’, in Punjab it ‘Laacha’, ‘Dhuti’ in ‘West Bengal’ and ‘Veshti’ in Tamilnadu.

Dhotis have never gone out of fashion as it has come to stay as formal wear for Indians across the states. It has become a status of tradition;therefore, itcommands respect and dignity. 

This prestigious piece of garment continues to be the traditional wear not only in India but also in Maldives, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.  Dhoti is worn like a pant as well as like a skirt style too, depending upon the province they belong. Buy Dhotis online to make a style statement. The attitude towards wearing dhoti difference from state to state and county to country.

The most common colour of the dhoti is white, cream colour and off white.  The most preferred material is often cotton or silk. Most of the silk dhoti’s are bordered by Jari. These are specially selected and worn during festivals, weddings, on special and joyful occasions. The golden border compliments the silk dhoti to give a rich and affluent look. Cotton dhotis are used for daily wear.  As cotton is suited for all seasons. 

Post-colonial era men have adopted western-style and got accustomed to wearing pants.  When the situation demands that they have to wear a dhoti, for instance; their family function;they are not able to wear dhoti with ease as they are not habituated to. To ease out this situation readymade cotton dhoti for men has come to be in MCR online men’s store. 

Dhoti has imbibed a lot of changes; several improvisations has come in.  Due to the impact of wearing pants the younger generation incline to have a pocket in the dhoti to hold the wallet and the handkerchief.  This experimentation has gone a bit further to come up with Velcro to hold the dhoti in place and enable the person to adjust the hip size.  This innovation has caught up and trending with the upcoming generation.

Dhoti is more preferred by the older generation compared to the younger generation. Because older people wear dhoti in the comfort of home and the working-age group wear Pants to office. Dhotis have become a wonderful gifting option.  During the festive season, the young couple buys cotton dhoti for men combo to give it to all the elders in the family to bond with them.