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Buy Double Dhotis Online at MCR Men's Clothing Store

Dhotis come in various specifications in terms of length, colour, texture and style. Double dhoti is a lengthy garment.  It’s four-meter in length, sometimes it’s just a little lesser and it gets wrapped around the lower body as two layers of smooth soft cotton.  The best garment for Indian summers. Even though it’s a double-layered dhoti, it doesn’t come across as a heavy garment.  This cotton fabric is lightweight, breathable and elegant.  This variety of double dhoti for men is of superior cotton and has a variety of options to choose from like double dhoti with Fancy border, double dhoti with gold jari border, double dhoti with gold and colour border and much more.

Double dhoti for boys is trending among youngsters. As more and more educational institutions look forward to reinstating this cultural attire into their ward’s life.  They influence the boys to wear dhoti on the farewell day. But for the boys wearing dhoti is a fun experience and it relates to their emotions and set the mood for the occasion. Dhoti remains a much sought-after outfit when it comes to any traditional festivals and celebrations even up to this present day.

Buy dhoti online to add an extra dose of refinedness to your masculinity. This unstitched garment gives an enduring appeal to Indian men and it’s gaining popularity among Indian men and among millennials and Gen Z too.  Now the extra punch which has come into being is the ‘Vesti Dhinam’ meaning ‘Dhoti Day’ which is celebrated on 6th January every year by Tamil Nadu Handloom Weavers Cooperative or Co-opted.

Double Dhoti tradition is deep-rooted and it is only looked at more favourably with every passing day.  Dhoti after all these years managed to keep its fantasy live. Even the young men who go abroad to study or work carry with them the Dhoti to re-establish their roots in the foreign land they go to. The traditional wear ‘double dhoti’ helps them to reconnect with the tradition and with the flocks of the same ethnic group.