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Showing Products 1-1 of 1 Result

Buy Handloom Dhotis Online at MCR Men's Clothing Store

Our Indian handloom lineage not only portraits our rich culture and heritage but also showcases the imagination and the skills of the handloom artisans.  Handloom has gone through tremendous stress and strain but has survived the revolution, innovation, and modernization too. Buy handloom dhotis online for the sheer joy of wearing a handwoven fabric. Every warp and weft of the handloom dhoti for men has the spirit of the craftsman interwoven in it. Because their hands have run through the entire yarn. These handloom dhotis for men are finely crafted in cotton and they always have won over the machine-made ones for creativity. Handloom dhoti with Jari border is crafted to give a rich and affluent look to be worn during weddings and festivals.  Dhoti with fancy cotton border with different colors is created to wear with matching shirts for any special gathering.

The time, the skills, and the effort that goes into the weaving of a handloom dhoti are humongous. The handloom dhoti for men is unparalleled and every piece of garment produced is an art by itself.  The benefits of wearing natural fabric are that it is gentle on the skin. During winter it retains the warmth of the body and during summer it absorbs sweat and it has a breathable nature. Its basic absorbent quality is well desired. This makes the wearer feel pleasant and snuggly. It possesses these characteristics because of the cellulose arrangement in it. Therefore, it gives the needed strength and durability to the cloth.  The apparel is apt to be washed by hand and also by washing machine.

Handloom dhoti is specifically chosen for tastefulness, besides being socially responsible. Starched and well-ironed dhoti gives a crisp, neat, and fresh look.  It requires classiness to carry this attire. Handloom dhoti was the only garment of every male member of the household in the times past. Presently, it has been reduced to be used sparingly for a special day.  Now trousers have taken the place of handloom dhoti for men in the working-age group.

But the good news is Handloom dhoti has gone up in its eminence, especially with urban folks.  As dhoti has become a much-desired attire for the occasion of joy.  In a man’s wardrobe, handloom dhoti’s are preserved to be worn for the distinguished occasion.  It has come to stay as a symbol of tradition and pride.  Moreover, handloom dhoti’s have gained much traction with the politicians and it has become a customary conventional clothing for everyday wear at work.