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Showing Products 1-7 of 7 Result

Buy Panchakacham Dhotis Online at MCR Men's Clothing Store

Dhoti is traditionally worn to cover the lower part of the body.  These dhotis are worn in different styles depending upon the sect of the people.  One such special way of wearing dhoti is panchakacham.  Select your favorite panchakacham from the wide variety of stocks and Shop panchakacham dhotis online from Panchakacham is widely worn during religious ceremonies and marriages.  Wearing Panchakacham is an art and not many people could master it easily. It takes some amount of practice to wear it perfectly. But readymade panchakacham dhoti for men and panchakacham dhoti for kids is available online as a quick-fix solution.

Of late the traditional garments is gaining popularity with the new-age men. The youngsters seem to look forward to embracing the old tradition with all readiness. One such conformity is their attraction for panchakacham dhoti. Apart from the cultural charm the lightness of the fabric, its softness, and absorbability are some natural attractions towards this garment.  The unstitched wide piece of fine cotton cloth gives them the versatility to innovate with various drapes to suit their specific style.

Panchakacham dhoti for men customarily prescribed only for “Grihastha”.  Panchakacham is a derivative word from Sanskrit to signify ‘five yards’.  Actually ‘Pancha’ means ‘five’ and’ kacham’ means ‘yards’. While performing rituals the individual has to get up and do obeisance many times. So, wearing dhoti in panchakacham style gives them ease of movement.

Of all the styles of wearing a dhoti, Panchakacham is graceful and it’s one of the traditional garments for men worn not only in India but also in Bangladesh and Pakistan too. Panchakacham Dhotis comes in different sizes like 8, 9, and 10 yards.  The dhoti has to be chosen judicially according to the individual's body frame.  The best way to wear Panchakacham is to unfold the cloth to form four-folds, release it to have two folds, hold the center of the cloth in the right hand, drape around equally on both sides while the center point to be placed at the spine. Now move the right hand forward and left hand back so the length of the right hand is more than the left.  Take the left-hand side part to the right and the right-side part to the left.  Tuck it in on both sides. Pleat the front part of the dhoti tuck it at the center. Form a pleat with the inner side of the dhoti take it to the backside through the legs and tuck it at the back.