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Buy Single Dhotis Online at MCR Men's Clothing Store

The unique piece of cloth known as dhoti is worn as a garment for comfort.  This is an item of indigenous clothing for the men of the Indian subcontinent. Though dhotis are popular throughout the country it’s predominantly worn by men in rural India than in urban India.  Urbanites tend to wear dhoti during festivals, marriage ceremonies, and traditional ceremonies. Buy dhoti online and be a part of the legacy of Indian tradition.  Dhoti replaces pants and it’s worn around the lower part of the body. It’s a rectangular piece of cloth unstitched at the edges.  

These single dhotis are worn in different styles according to the culture to which they belong. Most of the single dhoti for men are made out of cotton fabric. It’s wrapped only one time around the waist and it’s only two meters in length.  Traditionally dhotis are a white piece of cloth, handwoven and made from cotton for convenience at all seasons. Now-a-day dhoti’s come in all sizes, even single dhoti for boys too are available.  

The material of the dhoti varies from pure cotton to synthetic mixed with cotton to give a wrinkle-free look.  But pure cotton always remains the preferred choice. Once considered as an ordinary piece of white cloth presently has so many choices like dhoti with Jari border for special occasions, dhoti with ‘KatchiBorder’; mainly bought and used by politicians to represent the party they belong, Silver Jari border; this again for festivity, Fancy border; to make a style statement for the men who would like to innovate, and the plain border with different colors to match up with shirts.

 ‘Dhoti’ is a derived word from the Sanskrit word ‘dhoti which is to means ‘cleanse or wash’. So actually, it’s a clean piece of the outfit worn around the hip as daily wear in past and this tradition has been handed over now to be worn only for special occasions. The convention of wearing dhoti can be traced back to the Indus valley civilization, which is a bronze age civilization. Later this attire gained popularity with kings and rulers of the past. They started wearing it with beautiful colors complimented with a golden Jari border to establish their supremacy.  Poets of the past were also wearing dhoti to showcase their eminence in society.  From the ages past dhoti has been the symbol of class and might. A defining attire for elite people. Shop dhoti online and be a part of the privileged community.