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Buy Trunks for Men Online at MCR clothing store

Underwear is one of the most private and personal decisions in menswear. As it’s worn all day long and right next to the skin. Choosing the right type of underwear is of paramount importance. Of all the underwear trunk is a hybrid as it retains the best of briefs and boxers. Trunks fit snugly like brief, it’s closer to the body, unlike a boxer. It provides ample support as brief but lengthier and gives more coverage to the legs. 

Shop trunk innerwear for men; if you want the support as well as the fit, with the fabric encircling the legs for ultimate movement and flexibility; trunks are best for physical activity.  You can buy trunk innerwear with offers online only at and select your perfect size, color, fabric, price, and fit type from the range of choice of Trunks. Trunks are versatile and can be worn with any lowers for a man like a dhoti, pants, pajamas, and so on. It also saves the embarrassment of leaving a protruding underwear line over the outerwear.

The most essential piece of garment in a millennial's wardrobe is Trunk nowadays.  It has all the features for being essentials as it provides the best comfiness; it is skin-tight but still, it’s not restrictive. Trunks are great during the exercise schedule and to get a good grip on the bike while riding. The trunk gives more coverage than brief without the excess fabric intercepting the body movements. The covering and length only add to the advantage as they minimize chafing in the groin and rubbing of the thighs.

The carefully chosen fabric for the trunk is stretchy and breathable for the absolute comfort of the wearer. The ultra-soft fabric will make you feel like a second skin.  The property of natural cotton fabric leaves one with dryness all day long. The trunk encompasses the legs to downplay the limbs looking like a chicken leg. Overhaul your wardrobe this season buy trunk innerwear for men pack of 2; as it will be the best decision for the money spent. 

A trunk is a great option for men pondering for a balance between comfort and sex appeal. It has increasingly become an undisputed choice in the category of underwear as it’s more modest underwear with all the functionality of the brief. Last but not the least, it majorly saves on the awkward movement of adjusting the fabric that bunches between legs.