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Buy Kurtas for men online at the MCR clothing store

Buy kurta online and choose from various colour alternatives. The options are available now to buy long kurta online and to buy short kurta online at Kurta for men with the latest design suitable for party wear with all the intricate embroidery work is also available at the MCR clothing store. Cotton kurtas are in great demand during summer and silk kurta are a big hit during the festive season.

Long loose kind of a garment, with buttons centred in the front only up to the chest and also a Chinese collar is the look of the regular kurta. The sleeves are long and not cuffed at the end for easy fitting. There is about a foot long slit on either side of the kurta for the ease of movement of the wearer. Kurta is ethnic wear and there are different kinds of kurta based on designs and fabric. Kurta is now stitched in various patterns and the tailoring has evolved to the next level in fashion.  

Kurta has been a traditional dress of India from the age’s past. In the old documentaries, we could see all Indian men uniformly dress in a white kurta, during the struggle for independence period. Kurta was then the regular casual traditional outfit of an Indian.  As time passed by, Indian men got adapted to trousers and shirt as westernisation crept into our culture. We got used to it so much that the style stayed on to become formal official wear. In some pockets of the rural belt, kurta is still used as regular wear. But traditional kurta pyjama is still quite popular among youngster, who prefer to wear them for comfort.

But the saving grace is despite all the modernisation people look forward to connecting with tradition. It gives them a sense of belonging it gives the wearer the identity and people take pride in relating to their roots.  The kurta which was once a more casual regular clothing has transformed intoan attire of distinction.  It carries with it a lot of dignity, it’s now worn by prominent senior citizens, musicians, politician and men of eminence. This has now become a special dress to be worn at festivals, celebrations, family rituals, marriages and on exclusive occasions.

Kurtas are worn with dhoti for a traditional look and worn with pants for a casual look. But the best much sought after look is to wear it with a funky pair of jeans for a cool impression.