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Showing Products 1-5 of 5 Result

Buy Men's Lungis Online at MCR Clothing Store

Lungi is not a garment it’s an emotion of the people of south India. In Tamilnadu only men wear lungi and the lungis are called ‘Kaili’ in some parts of the Tamilnadu and in another part, it’s called ‘Saaram’. In Kerala, lungis are worn by men and women as well. 

Shop lungis online which is the most comfortable attire for men and live up to the coziness of the vestments. Mostly these lungis for men are made of cotton fabric to suit our tropical climate, as it absorbs sweat. 

Lungi is wonderful casual wear, it’s a rectangular garment that comes in different colors the end of the cloth is stitched together to give a tubular form. Just a seam of stitch from top to bottom makes a piece of cloth ready to be worn as a garment. No need to take measurements, no skilled tailoring is required. Just one size fits all. MCR lungis for men can be bought in cotton combo packs to be used as a gifting option to grandparents, elders, and loved ones far and near. There is a range of colors and printed patterns available to choose from. There is no limitation to designs. Lungis are not mundane anymore.

This garment is worn around the waist.  It’s pleated in the front and folded tightly to tuck in around the waist to keep the lungi well intact in place. Since this attire is not tight around the legs it gives the needed easefulness to the wearer.  Rural south India heavily adorns this clothing. It’s must apparel in every south Indian wardrobe. It’s more a cultural dress as south Indians have the habit of sitting on the floor; the lungi accommodates the stretched legs whereas jeans can’t. That’s the beauty of lungi and that’s the reason why it’s the most sought-after clothing.

Lungi is easy to wear.  It can be worn in less than a minute.  It wades off sweat as it allows enough airflow between the legs. The bacteria that thrive on sweat don’t linger long as the sweat dries off.  Therefore, keeps skin disease at bay.

Shop your best lungi online.  Lungis at MCR shopping is unique.  It delights the person who wears it.  The material is thick and made out of the choicest cotton. It’s two meters in length. It can be washed with the machine and with hands.  These lungis get soften with every wash. It’s a wearer's delight.