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Buy Printed lungi for Men Online at MCR clothing store

Are you struggling to find something nice and comfy to wear at home? Worry not! MCR has a wide selection of cool printed lungi ready to ship. Buy printed lungis for men online at the

We at MCR, are the seller of quality men’s cotton printed lungis. Printed lungi is a must-have in the wardrobe of men. MCR clothing store is one and the best place to find the printed lungi for men in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. We at our online retail store offer a huge range of wide range of varieties of printed lungis for men at a very affordable price. 

The lungi is the traditional and cultural attire of south India. Despite modern-day clothing, the popularity of this dress has remained intact. The lungi can be worn in multiple ways. Some ways are more comfortable than others, but generally, it is worn as draping around the waist. Sometimes folded and raised to the knees. At times it’s even worn and raised above the knees too.

It can be worn by anyone at any time of the year. It’s a daily costume of the states of south India. A smart printed lungi always gives you that extra comfort, confidence, and positivity.  It also provides the needed breathability in the highly humid and hot weather. 

The simple yet stylish lungi can make you look trendy. Made with superior material, it also lasts for a long. This lightweight men’s lungi is perfect for those hot afternoon naps in the back yard or at the beach, for wearing while strolling, watching the big game on TV, relaxing with a good book or movie, and also looks fabulous when paired with western shirts. 

Lungis are the most famous and exotic Indian dress worn by many men in south Asia. Lungi is a traditional mostly male garment of the Indian subcontinent. The lungi is a type of sarong that is popularly known for its distinct style, elegant design, prints, and patterns. This style of lungis is still very much in existence from the past centuries where it has been widely accepted by the natives as their clothing.

Lungis are a simple piece of cloth approximately two meters in length, large rectangle in shape but stitched together at the edges to give tubular form. This one-size-fits-all concept has led many communities to adopt lungi into their day-to-day lives, as lungi is easily displayed by men of different ages! Lungis are very easy to wear garments.